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Fic: Me Too: Act 4: Rated: M, Foursome Angel/Buffy/Spike/Faith

Fic: Me Too: Act 4: Rated: M, Foursome Angel/Buffy/Spike/Faith
Fic: Me Too" Foursome Angel/Buffy/Spike/Faith
Title: Me Too: The Teaser

Page for whole fic:

Author: Strange Bint


Rating: Mature 18 and over only

Pairings: Foursome Angel/Buffy/Spike/Faith Fuffy, Spuffy, Spangle, Spaith

Page for whole fic:


This is a short chapter with a lot of Fuffy picking right up from the last one. Very hot. More hints about what happened to Faithy. You will know it all really soon I promise. I just want to go through pleasure before pain. Still Spike's POV. I decided he's going to get more than one chapter with his POV because he's so cool.

"I'll make you come so wicked hard, queen B," Faith said to Buffy.

Faith was at Buffy who sat on the arm of the big green reading chair. Faith loved the chair. She liked to sneak read books in it. It was the only thing Faith didn't like to do in front of him. Now Faith was kissing Buffy and rubbing her hands up and down Buffy's lithe tiny body, licking her neck in front of him.

"I'll make you feel so good, B," Faith said, "Just tell me what you want, what you need and I'll bring it. Blow you away. I'll give you everything in my book."

Buffy moaned as Faith licked her ear and rubbed her body against hers. Yeah, Spike remembered the first time he had been on the other end of this and he nearly came in his pants like a schoolboy virgin.

"What do you need from me, B?"

"Eh!" Buffy grunted like she was frustrated, "I need you to shut-up and stop coming on so strong!"

Buffy wasn't reacting like Spike had. She didn't like when people wanted to make her happy and she wasn't in control of it. Maybe that was why she had such a hard time being happy. Buffy caught Faith's face between her hands and held it hard. Spike could see Faith's big brown eyes go round with hurt.

"But, I just want to please you," Faith said, "I always wanted to please you and you never let me."

Faith was getting too high again and she was saying things she normally wouldn't. It was fun when Buffy did it. But with Faith, Spike felt like his heart was breaking.

"Don't," he heard an angry whisper. Angel.

"I won't let you down, B," Faith said, "Just gimme a chance, and you'll be feelin' so good you won't even remember your stupid name."

"That's actually sweet," Buffy said, "Faith, you're sweet!"

The last part sounded like a realization mixed with an accusation. So, Buffy was finally catching on. Took her bloody long enough.

"I'm not…no," Faith objected quietly and Buffy pecked her on the lips.

"You taste sweet to me," Buffy said in that singsong way.

Buffy spun Faith into the chair sideways and began kissing Faith everywhere. Faith grunted in that smoky way that tugged at Spike's cock. Buffy's fingers ran over Faith's tribal tattoo on her arm.

"You want to please me," Buffy said, "Let me taste how sweet you are."

Buffy pushed one of Faith's legs up the back of the chair and dove into her cunny. Faith squealed and shook and when her frenzied hands went to grab something behind her Spike raced over to the other arm of the chair and held her hands over her head. God, she was trembling like an angel in hell and Buffy already lifted her head up. Buffy smiled at Spike devilishly from the other side of the chair.

"Yep, sweet like honey," Buffy said, "Taste, Angel."

Of course, the poof was on the other side of the chair with Buffy by Faith's cunny.

"No, no, no," Buffy said, "You don't get to taste her like that."

Buffy nudged Angel away before he could move to get to Faith's perfect peach.

"I meant like this," she said and kissed Angel, "Now, doesn't she taste sweet?"

"I bet you wanna taste too," B said to Spike and leaned over Faith's body cradled in the chair to kiss him.

It was best Spike didn't say anything again. Buffy was teasing the outside of Faith's cunny like a pro while she kissed him. Buffy was keeping Faith wanting and moaning and Faith squeezed the devil out of Spike's hands.

"Like honey, right?" Buffy asked Spike, "From wild bees and a beautiful hive."

Well, wasn't the first Slayer Spike loved wonderful?

"Sweetest thing I ever tasted, and I've lived a lot," Spike said as he looked at Buffy and rubbed down his wife's naked trembling body.

Angel pulled Buffy gently back from Spike and kissed the back of her neck.

"When can I taste Faith?" Angel asked, "They say the most beautiful Irish girls taste like the finest whiskey and sugar."

"You're Irish?" Buffy asked Faith and then began to kiss her stomach, "Is that why with the bad temper and the drinking?"

"Hey, those are stereotypes," Angel said quietly.

Buffy was back at Faith's tribal tattoo and kissing it.

"Is this some kind of Irish symbol?"

Faith let go of Spike's hands and laughed with pleasure and kissed Buffy.

"You really know an awful lot about Faith, huh?" Spike said. It came out of his lips before he could stop it.

"Well, if you haven't noticed you kind of have to pin her down to ask her anything and even then she tries to act all sexy and not answer," Buffy said as she looked from Spike to Faith with a big spell-induced smile.

"B knows all she wants to know about me," Faith said as she looked upside down over the arm of the chair at Spike, "I'm not a complex girl. I just wanna make her feel good on this sex trip while I have the chance."

"See what I mean," Buffy said and bent in to kiss Faith again.

"You may have a point," Spike said.

"You'll have your chance to make me feel good when I say so," Buffy said, "But right now this is what makes me feel good. This spell is all about you, right?"

"No," Faith objected, "I didn't want—"

"Well, I want you. The spell is making me want you, and we're going with it. Why did you get this?" Buffy was tracing the tattoo on her arm again, "Were you in some Irish street gang?"

"Irish street gang?" Angel protested, "Buffy, you watch too much t—"

"Ep!" Was what Buffy said to quiet him.

Faith laughed again. She sounded so happy. Well, Buffy was a joyous powerful little bird.

"I got it after my first Watcher died to remember her, and my mom," Faith said, "That's what the two circles are for. I have no idea if it's Irish or not. I didn't put much thought into things back—Ah!"

Faith gasped so sharply it made Spike get up from his kneeling position to see what happened.

Angel was actually rubbing Faith's feet with Buffy between her legs. Well, he was good at that one thing, Spike knew. But, not that good. Spike saw Buffy stroking Faith's mystical wave tattoos and the scar that remained on the left side of her lower abdomen. Spike got ready to stop her.

"So, are the three waves for Wesley and your other friends you had with Angel?" Buffy asked.

Spike backed off. Her tone actually had no jealousy in it. She really wanted to know, and she was stroking the tattoos very gently. Faith let out a moan as if Buffy was icing a wound.

"N—no," Faith exhaled, "If I did a tattoo for everyone who died I'd be a circus freak. That one is selfish. It--it keeps me together. Helps keep demons away."

"Aw, there's a scar there. What happened? Something bad. I can feel it. Poor, Faith," Buffy said.

Spike had to hear her through Faith's moans.

Buffy was kissing the scar rubbing it and going down on Faith more gently this time and Faith was in that place beyond making any noise.

"What happened, sweetie?" Buffy said stroking the scar and dragging the silk of Faith's robe over it.

Faith mewled and grabbed Spike's hands again and he could smell her.

"Were you being slow again and ran into something that could kick your ass with your pants open, like you do? Naughty little hottie! Tell me about your sexy swirly scar."

Spike saw Faith open her eyes suddenly. This was going too far. Getting too dangerous.

"Don't," Spike said to Buffy who was too busy licking Faith's scar with a fluttering tongue.

"Oh, B!" she cried, "Don't stop. Please don't stop!"

Oh, Faith rarely said "please." Spike hoped Buffy knew when Faith said "please" you did whatever it was. Apparently she did. Spike saw that Buffy was using two hands on Faith one circling on the bottom of her cunny the other at the top of it tapping and teasing with the silk robe in her hand. Bugger! He never thought of that. But it was when Buffy kissed and teased Faith's scar that she would really writhe in pleasure.

"Spike!" Faith said when he dove down to kiss her face. She said it with ecstasy and urgency.

"S' alright," Spike whispered, "Just let her love you. You don't have to do all of it yourself. It's nice to lye back and let someone love you. Haven't I showed you that?"

Even in the middle of great pleasure Faith was so bloody stubborn. She wanted to tell him something.

"It feels---It's—She's—"

Spike heard a little slap and Faith whined.

"Jesus, Buffy!" Spike gasped. Did Buffy Summer's just smack Spike's wife's clit?

"Right," Buffy said, "This is Buffy time. Not Spike time. You two don't get to have little secrets during Buffy time. What's with the two of you anyway?"

"I—I'm sorry, B," Faith panted and moaned and talked in that helpless-but-still-gravely voice but she wasn't sad or in pain. She was in blinding pleasure.

"I—I know I can't make it—up to you but I can't not love hi---"

Faith moaned in the middle of her sentence. Christ! Spike was about to squirt it on the side of the chair.

"Hush, up!" Buffy said and kissed her, "Just be beautiful. So sweet and beautiful when you're quiet."

Faith had wave after wave of silent pleasure. She was inside one of those ever-lasting girl comes that Spike would be jealous of if he didn't love it so. He'd bend over the side of the chair to kiss her as Buffy kept working her fingers and silk and mouth on Faith. And she never let up on Faith's scar, but was gentle and loving. She kept whispering Faith was sweet and beautiful. Buffy also kept smacking away Angel's advances, which was just bloody neat. Then, Faith climaxed with a sharp long cry, and Spike noticed huge wet tears pouring out of Faith's eyes.

"She can be quite a pretty sight when she's loud too," Angel said.

"Wow," Buffy turned to Angel, "Wasn't that wow? I knew I could do it, but wow!"

And Buffy and the big vampire began sucking face.

"Don't cry," he whispered to Faith as the tears were still rolling down, "It's only love."

And she started to laugh because it was actually a private joke. She used to say the stupidest thing to tell a kid was not to cry, and that she would never do that. Her own mother used to say: Don't cry, it's only life, and ignore Faith's tears in order to prepare her for a harsh life. Her mum tried, but had no idea how hard Faith's life would be nor how much she would be loved.

"It's only love, Faith," Spike repeated as Faith sat up in her favorite chair. Buffy had left her to make out with Angel now.

"I did a good job, right?" Buffy whispered to Angel.

"No, it's not love," Faith said, "I'm selfish."

Faith was quick to wipe her tears away before anyone else saw them. You had to keep your eyes on her at all times or you would miss the most important bits of her.

"This isn't real," she said.

"Love," Spike began, "you and Buf—"

"None of it was ever going to be real because of me! I led her right to us! I didn't think The Bitch really wanted me anymore and I wanted it to be over. When I should have been protecting her the most I—I took advantage of the strength she gave me and I--"

"Love, no," Spike gasped all randiness disappeared in him.

If Spike wasn't already on his knees he would have been brought to them. He should have known this would happen. Spike wanted her to talk about it, but not like this. Faith Lehane was breaking her only rule: Never full-on talk about what they had lost.

It wasn't that Faith didn't want to talk about it; it was that she couldn't. Spike may have only been the clueless man in the tragedy, but he wasn't an idiot. He knew the goddesses had shown Faith pieces of what she had lost—what they had lost. If Faith tried to speak any of what happened the pieces would break her to bits worse than any jagged soul. He'd do anything to keep that from happening to her. It was the least he could do after he failed to save them both. Some losses are too big for words.

Spike should have known this would happen. He should have stopped Buffy from touching her scar.

"Faith," Buffy said, "You're being silly. The spell has got you emotional. You didn't take advantage of me. I did that because I wanted to, and yes, because of this the sex spell, but it's like Spike said, if I didn't want to do it I wouldn't of. So, I guess the spell is over now? Can we still fool around a little?"

Buffy seemed to ask this of Angel as she leaned her back against his chest and he had his huge arms around her.

"Always," Angel answered, "But the spell isn't over, Buffy."

"But you guys said Faith had to be satisfied in this great way and I just did that," she said in her small voice turning to him.

"It's not that simple," Angel said.

"You think that was simple! That was a lot of technique, Mister. and it was way more than I learned from you and you," she pointed to Spike, "I was nurturing and forthcoming and more importantly she was way more than forth coming. She was like seventh coming. I think. Weren't you?"

"B," Faith said, "You were awesome."

"'Awesome?'" Buffy said, "People describe that movie with those blue people as awesome. I want to be better than awesome. I can do it again better. I've defeated evil, the US military and time travel paradox. I think I can make you come enough to end your dangerous lame sex spell so you could screw Spike."

"I love ya, B and you're by far the most powerful ride I ever had, but there are times when you need some help defeating stuff. Like boys with big sticks."

Spike was thankful for Buffy's adorable self-involvement. She was making things go on a lighter path.

"Power gives you quite a jolt," Spike said to Faith, "But it can't really make you happy. It just doesn't give you that glow."

Spike pulled his wife in for a hug and she smiled into his neck.

"C'mon," Buffy said as she pulled away from Angel, "You're saying all of that didn't make Faith happy? I made people lose souls with way less sex than that! Why are you guys hugging? Since when do you hug? You're not huggers. You're smokers and drinkers and mixed messengers. A hug is not a mixed message. Sex is a mixed message. This spell is having a weird affect on you guys. You're having those mood swings. I'm not getting those," Buffy said, "Or maybe I am. Oh my, god! I think I'm freaking out! Am I freaking out?"

Buffy had started talking way too fast and frenzied. She would look like any other girl having a bad trip if her feet weren't leaving the ground as she began to fly up. Spike could feel the power of her. She had lost control of it so suddenly. Spike had to do something. Maybe tell her he loved her. He did. He always would. It was just things were a bit more complicated now.

"B!" Faith said firmly as she grabbed Buffy's arm and brought her back down to the ground, "You are not freaking out, and you made me freakin' happy, okay? You made me come so good I cried."

"You don't cry," Buffy said to Faith, so sure of her statement, "I am the crier. You're the partier. You're all 'Relax, B. Find the fun.' and you get to be best friends with my vampires while I'm crying over them because I had to kill them or reject them to save the world or change it."

"Buffy—" Spike began and he glared at Angel when he realized they said her name at the same time.

"You're right, B," Faith said, "You do need to find the fun and I am the partier. Tell you what? Why don't we go out into the kitchen and get you some water and then we can get a party started. Get a little music."

"Dancing! Yes!" Buffy said and smiled suddenly.

"It's not dancing you need," Angel said as he grabbed a hold of her.

"Buffy needs a dance more than any girl I know," Spike said to Angel, "And you need to pace yourself or else I'll set the pace for you. You know what happens when you peak early."

"Ew, that sounds hot," Buffy said, "As long as I'm in the middle of it like my good dreams and not by bad dreams where you two don't let me in."

"It's not—" Angel began to object strongly as he let Buffy go.

"You're dreams sound so much sweeter than mine, B," Faith said and put her arm around Buffy.

Spike knew that was because Faith mostly had nightmares until about a year ago. Wasn't she saying she had a good dream before? Spike could feel his high was starting to peak. He felt like weeping useless buckets of salt and telling Faith how much he loved her while he made love to her while killing something for her.

Stay tuned, more sexiness on the way…
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