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badficsanon's Journal

Bad Fics Anonymous
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Welcome to Bad Fics Anonymous! This group is for everyone who hates bad fanfiction and needs a place to vent. Read a really bad piece of fanfiction lately? Just annoyed in general with how some people write? You're in the right place. Feel free to rant about what you feel is 'bad' in fanfic writing. You can even write your own badfic for humor purposes to share with the community. Please read these rules before you begin:

- For long posts, please make use of the lj-cut feature. This also applies to when you post your own stories.

- If you post your own story on the community, please give rating and any appropriate warnings so people may steer clear of material they may find objectionable.

- Just because a story is of a fandom or a certain lifestyle (slash, BDSM, etc)that you do not like does NOT automatically make it a bad fic. Now, if it's poorly written, sure, complain, but don't bash it just because it's not a fandom/theme/pairing you like.

- You may make a link to a bad story you have found, as long as it is not a link to a Livejournal post (unless it was originally posted on your private journal). All it takes is one oversensitive LJ user to complain and a community can be shut down.

- This is not the place to complain about minor grammar and spelling mistakes. There are other groups for that. grammar_bitches is one of them. However if the entire thing is horribly spelled and the grammar so bad you can't tell what's going on, you can post it here.

- Bad fiction can be in the eye of the beholder. Debates are bound to happen. All opinions are welcome, but personal attacks on other users will not be tolerated.

- If you are the author of a fiction linked to from this community, you are free to defend your work. Same rules for debate applies, no personal attacks.

Basically, you're free to express your dislike for a bad fic however you like, within reason.